Steps to sell a business

Whether you are planning your exit strategy to pursue new challenges or simply ready for retirement, our staff will be able to assist you on every step of the way. We have channels to advertise on foreign markets and have a database of well qualified foreign investors, ready to take on great investment opportunities. Professionalism and confidentiality is our top priority.

Our steps:

 ◼ Perform a business analysis

 ◼ Pricing Determination - Valuation 

 ◼ Build a business profile 

 ◼ Execute a marketing plan for maximum exposure 

 ◼ Qualify Buyers 

 ◼ Prepare and enforce Non-Disclosure Agreements 

 ◼ Negotiate offers

 ◼ Manage and expedite the due diligence process, dealing with lawyers, landlords, accountants and other third parties.

 ◼ Close transaction